Why 3Natives?

There are several reasons as to why you should choose 3Natives, we have several facts below to help you on your journey to a healthy lifestyle.

  • We sous vide our 100% All Natural Chicken Breast to ensure perfect consistency 
  • We make our Balsamic, Avocado and Ginger Dressing from scratch daily
  • We make mayonnaise from scratch for our Salmon, Tuna, Chicken, and Curry Chicken Salad
  • Our Salmon and Tuna is sustainable and only has 2 ingredients fish and salt
  • We make our hummuses from scratch daily
  • We make all of our proteins and dressings from scratch daily without any preservatives or added sugar
  • Our produce is always fresh and never frozen and bought daily using local vendors
  • We only use local honey 
  • We use glass bottles for our juices and shots for obvious reasons 
  • Our spoons, forks, knives, cups, and lids are Eco Friendly and not plastic
  • We buy small and local for our coffee beans and micro greens
  • No udder protein is an exclusive 3Natives protein produced in Jupiter, Florida. It is vegan, gluten free, soy free, and dairy free.
  • We use Sambazon Acai which is 100% Organic and Fair Trade

Knowing that we help Sambazon support over 20k local family farmers in Brazil, & protect 2+million acres of Rainforest, makes us so proud to keep spreading purple smiles.  Not to mention 5% of Sambazon fruit costs go back to the Brazilian Community.  The more we buy, the more they give!