What is a Fast Casual Restaurant and Can it Be Healthy?


What is a Fast Casual Restaurant and Can it Be Healthy?

The fast-casual restaurant industry has been growing rapidly, but can it really be healthy? The answer to this question is YES, fast-casual restaurants can be healthy.

Fast-casual restaurant concepts, also called quick-service restaurants (QSR) offer a much different dining experience than visiting a fast-food chain or fine dining establishment. Meals at fast-casual restaurants are made with quality ingredients and often have better customer service than traditional fast-food restaurants.

How you feel after making a fast-food stop is usually much different than if you ate at a quick-service restaurant. After a drive-thru burger and fries, you may feel bloated or fatigued. The quick-service food at 3Natives will give you the energy you need to get through the day.

Continue reading to learn more about the benefits of enjoying fast-casual restaurants like 3Natives.

Benefits of Healthy Fast Casual Restaurants

Studies have shown that eating healthy may help you live longer. It also reduces your risk of developing heart disease, which is the leading cause of death in the United States.

Healthy eating also helps your digestive system function and even keeps your skin, teeth, and eyes healthy. But finding healthy food on the go can be difficult – or so it seems.

At a healthy fast-casual restaurant like 3Natives, you’ll find healthier options made with high-quality ingredients.

Eating at a healthy fast-casual restaurant will make you feel full and provide your body with enough energy for the day.

Unlike fast-food restaurants, fast-casual food is made for you. This means you can customize your order before it’s made by swapping out ingredients for healthier options.

These restaurants also offer healthy options for those who need a quick bite to eat while on the go. Some restaurants, such as 3Natives, even offer online ordering for easy pickup.

Fast Casual vs Fast Food

There are many differences between fast-casual and fast-food restaurants, ranging from the quality of the food to the inside dining experience offered.

The Menu Items

As previously mentioned, quick-service restaurants offer made-to-order menu items that are customizable. This allows you to pick and choose what’s in your meal.

The price-point can be higher than that of a traditional fast-food establishment, but you often receive larger portions.

The Ingredients

The meals at a quick-service restaurant are typically more flavorful than those at a fast-food chain. Fast-casual restaurants typically have higher quality ingredients than those of a fast-food restaurant. Better ingredients mean healthier and better-tasting foods.

Customer Experience

Fast-casual restaurants provide you with quality food fast. 3Natives prides itself on providing a best-in-class customer experience. Many quick-service restaurants may use self-checkout kiosks or online ordering options to simplify the ordering process.

The Feeling After

After eating fast food, you may feel sluggish or even still be hungry. This is because the offerings at a fast-food chain might not be providing you with enough nutritional value.

With a healthy casual dining experience, you’ll feel full and energized.

Eat Healthy with 3Natives

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