The Benefits of a Juice Cleanse


The Benefits of a Juice Cleanse

If you’ve been hearing more about juice cleanses lately, you’re not alone. This latest health trend consists of a juice-based diet that is said to help with weight loss. Many have also said they offer many other health benefits in addition to weight loss, such as an improved diet and eating habits.

Continue reading to learn more about the benefits of a juice cleanse from your local 3Natives.

What is a Juice Cleanse?

There are a variety of juice cleanses available today. You can find many online juice cleanse kits or diet plans that offer a variety of benefits.

A fasting juice cleanse, or a cleanse in which you only drink juice for a set period of time, may help you lose weight. However, we recommend talking with your health care provider before starting.

A healthier way to do a cleanse is by gradually increasing the amount of juice you drink, such as ordering your favorite juice from 3Natives twice a week. This lets your body get all of the benefits of the cleanse, without cutting back on vitamins and minerals.

What Does a Juice Cleanse Do for Your Body?

Get Your Daily Serving of Fruits and Vegetables

Doctors typically recommend eating one and a half to two cups of fruits and two to three cups of vegetables daily. A cup of fruit is around the size of a banana, while a cup of vegetables is the same as eating twelve baby carrots.

Getting your daily servings of fruits and vegetables can be difficult, especially if your busy schedule makes food on the run a necessity.

Enjoying a fresh-pressed juice is more than refreshing – it also makes getting your daily serving of fruits and vegetables easier. For example, our Lean N’ Green juice is made from kale, pineapple, pear, and lime to ensure you get a healthy dose of vitamins from both fruits and veggies.

Hydrates Your Body

Drinking enough water each day is vital to keeping your body and mind healthy. Water regulates your body’s temperature and eliminates waste. It’s especially important to drink enough water for those living in Florida, as our state’s hot climate makes our bodies need more water to stay cool.

Drinking water can seem easier said than done, even if you carry water around with you. A juice, such as the Black Lemonade or Easy Greens from 3Natives, makes it easy to get ahead on your daily water and fruit/vegetable intake. Plus, they’re delicious!

Why People Do Juice Cleanses

There are many different reasons why someone will start a juice cleanse. Here are just a few.

Eat Less Processed Food

Fresh fruit is difficult for many to buy at the grocery store, as it won’t last as long as the frozen or canned option. Although more convenient, frozen and canned fruits/vegetables can be more processed than the raw option.

Processed foods are any food that has been altered from its original form. An easy key to knowing if a food is processed is checking for added ingredients.

Added ingredients can be a sign that food is processed, and those ingredients can be things like artificial colors or flavors. Processed foods can have fewer nutrients than the fresh option, meaning those with a diet consisting of mainly processed foods aren’t getting the nutrients they need.

Many people have started to incorporate a juice into their everyday diet to reduce the amount of processed foods they eat each day.

All juices at 3Natives are made with all-natural and fresh fruits and vegetables. This means you’re getting all of the health benefits of the food while feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day.

Lose Weight

A juice cleanse is often used to lose weight, as juices can be low in calories and quite filling.

A traditional juice cleanse typically requires you to stop eating solid foods, which can cause you to lose weight quickly. However, in some cases these cleanses can do more harm than good.

Instead, try to make small changes to your diet every day. It may take longer to lose the weight, but it’ll be easier for you to keep the weight off, and your body will thank you for years to come.

Instead of having your favorite afternoon savory snack, try ordering a Slim N’ Spicy from your local 3Natives. You’ll feel refreshed and ready to take on the rest of your day.

Try One of 3Natives’ Healthy Fruit & Vegetable Juices

Each juice and juice shot served at 3Natives is made with all-natural and fresh ingredients. These cold-pressed juices can be picked up or ordered as to-go, which makes it easier to have a balanced diet while on the run.

For those wanting to get their daily dose of greens, try the Lean N’ Green, Loaded Greens, or Easy Green juices. All three of these contain kale, a green superfood filled with vitamins and minerals.

If you enjoy savory over sweet, try 3Natives’ Slim N’ Spicy juice. It’s made with fresh lemon, ginger, agave, and cayenne pepper spice.

Need a quick pick me up or a jump start on your day? Try a Twisted Ginger Shot or Ginger Shot at 3Natives.

For a full list of our healthy meal options, check out our menu or visit your local Florida 3Natives.