What Foods Are Native to Florida?


What Foods Are Native to Florida?

The Sunshine State has it all. The beach. The ocean. The weather. Sometimes, the wonderful Florida food gets overlooked.

With over 21,000,000 current residents and over 75,000,000 visitors throughout the year, Florida restaurants and stores know that they are under pressure to provide consistent, quality food.

Florida’s restaurant success wouldn’t be possible without the state’s farming of fruits and vegetables, which provides each restaurant with farm-fresh ingredients. This and Florida’s unique food culture make food in Florida so good. 

Whether you’re driving through Florida or staying for a vacation, there are certain items that you can’t leave without having. From freshly squeezed orange and grapefruit juice to a Cuban sandwich on the beach, Florida has something tasty for everyone. Your taste buds will surely thank you after trying some of the many wonderful culinary delights the state of Florida has to offer.

Continue reading to learn more about Florida’s native foods with 3Natives.

Fruits and Vegetables That Thrive in Florida

Florida has a unique and suitable environment for various fruits and vegetables. This makes great, fresh ingredients easy to find, contributing to Florida’s reputation for great food.

3Natives is proud to use fresh, Florida-grown ingredients.


According to visitflorida.com, Florida produces over 70% of the citrus in the United States. Most of the year, more than 90% of the orange juice production in the United States is made from Florida oranges. If you’re craving some delicious Florida orange flavor, try our The Beet juice!

Another popular citrus fruit hybrid is the key lime, which Florida takes great pride in producing. From June to September, key limes are grown all over the state and are used in a variety of drinks and dishes, such as key lime pie. Key lime juice is a great way to sweeten up a fresh salad or even use as a garnish in a margarita.


Florida grows over 11% of peanuts in the US, making us one of the nation’s top producers. Peanuts can be enjoyed as a creamy spread or a salty snack. We use creamy peanut butter in several acai bowls, fresh smoothies, and breakfast items.

Peanuts are a great source of protein and have more protein than any other type of nut. They also contain more than 30 vitamins and minerals that are essential for your body. Peanuts are a good source of fiber and provide your body with the good fats it needs.


Avocado trees were brought to the US in 1833 and were first planted in the state of Florida. Today, Florida is one of the US’s top avocado producers. Each avocado tree can provide an average of 2 to 3 bushels, or 110lbs to 165lbs, of avocados per year.

Enjoy fresh Florida avocado at a 3Natives location near you. We have a large selection of fresh avocado smoothies, salads, wraps, and breakfast options such as avocado toast that you’ll love.


Did you know that Florida provides over 60% of the United States’ fresh market tomatoes? Florida accounted for 64% of the total tomatoes in the US in 2020. The state’s warm climate enables farmers to grow tomatoes in late winter and early spring, which can be too cold in other states.

Florida’s juicy and flavorful tomatoes are a perfect addition to any dish.

Classic Florida Dishes to Enjoy

The most well-known sandwich that comes out of the state of Florida, specifically South Florida, is the Cuban sandwich. The Cuban is Commonly made with a combination of ham, roast pork, turkey, Swiss cheese, pickles, and mustard.

Another food native to Florida is the Florida Stone Crab, which is considered a Florida delicacy because it’s only in season for part of the year. Fishing for stone crabs only occurs from October to May, so Floridians make the most out of the limited availability of stone crabs.

Not a big fan of seafood? Consider trying a basket of fried gator tails. Often described as tasting like a chicken/fish hybrid, gator tails are a staple at most casual Florida restaurants.

3Natives is Always Florida Fresh!

3Natives strives to use all-natural, local, and fresh ingredients to best satisfy our customers. In this business, freshness is everything. We want you to leave 3Natives feeling reinvigorated and ready to take on the rest of your day.

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