Healthy Vegan Breakfast Ideas


At 3Natives, we know it’s hard to find a delicious vegan breakfast when you’re on the go. Maintaining a plant-based diet takes effort. At our Florida locations, a delicious vegan breakfast is just minutes away.

You don’t have to be vegan to have a healthy vegan breakfast. Even if you eat meat the rest of the day, a vitamin-rich vegan breakfast can help power your day. A vegan breakfast can be richer in fiber, potassium, and other key vitamins than one full of carbs and proteins.

Plant based proteins, fruits and veggies can all star in a healthy breakfast. They may be what you need to power through the day. Learn more about some of our favorite vegan dishes to help you get your morning off to a great start!


You can find plenty of simple, fast and delicious vegan breakfast choices at 3Natives.

Avocado toast has become a popular trend for a reason. This dish delivers tons of health benefits and is super tasty. You can find it on our menu, or make your own at home.

It’s easy to make avocado toast. Just toast some bread and add some smashed avocado on top. You can add your own fun toppings, too, like cayenne pepper.

Wondering what makes avocado toast healthy? It delivers healthy fats your body craves. According to the American Heart Association, healthy fats in avocados can reduce cholesterol levels and lower your risk of heart disease.

Avocados also provide plenty of fiber and vitamins. They also aid in digestion. We all want more of that, right?

Do You See Acai?

Our tasty acai bowls are an easy vegan breakfast you can eat on the go. These delicious bowls are made from the freshest Acai berries. At 3Natives, we make our acai bowls with high-quality ingredients you’ll love. Acai is always better when it’s combined with almond butter, fresh fruit, Greek yogurt, chia seeds and more.

Did you know the Acai berry is high in antioxidants? It is also one of the best natural foods to eat for sustained energy. An Acai bowl is a great choice for your first meal of the day!

Get The Juice (Or Smoothie) You Need To Power Through The Day

Not feeling super hungry but need something that will sustain you until lunch time? A cold pressed juice or smoothie may be the perfect vegan breakfast for you.

3Natives offers great juices that are locally sourced and have tons of organic fruits and veggies.

Lemon juice is a great way to start your day. Lemon juices aids in digestion and keeps you hydrated. It also provides a boost of potassium and vitamin C.

Our tasty black lemonade is infused with lemon, sugar, charcoal, and water. It tastes great and can help keep you going until lunchtime. Our turmeric and lemon juice shots are also a favorite in the mornings.

Need a little more substance to power through the morning? Our healthy smoothies are also made with local and sustainable ingredients.

3Natives smoothies only contain 100% fruits and vegetables with no unhealthy additives. Smoothies can be made dairy free with ingredients like almond milk and coconut water.

for a vegan breakfast, we recommend our green smoothies, packed with fiber and vitamins. Our Spin My Avocado Smoothie is vegan-friendly, featuring Avocado, Strawberry, bananas, pineapple, spinach, honey and almond milk.

If you want to make your smoothie at home instead, we recommend using a one cup serving of fruit. Too many fruits can spike your blood sugar levels. You can also add in sweeteners like agave, honey, pure maple syrup, nut butters, or Greek yogurt. You can add in a leafy green to boost your vitamin B intake.

If you don’t have time to try a homemade smoothie, just come into your local 3Natives. Any of our delicious all-day recipes are perfect for a healthy vegan breakfast.

Start Your Day at 3Natives With A Vegan Breakfast

A vegan diet may need careful planning. We hope these vegan breakfast recipes and tips have made your diet planning much easier!

We offer plenty of vegan options that provide nourishment and fuel the body, and they taste great! You can visit your local 3Natives wherever you are in Florida, and for our healthy vegan options, view our menu.