What Are the Benefits of Cold-Pressed Juice?


You may be wondering what is so special about cold-pressed juice. This drink trend began in recent years and bottles of cold-pressed juice seem to be everywhere from coffee shops to grocery stores. Cold-pressed juice comes from raw, organic fruits and veggies, and is processed in a specific way that extracts the maximum amount of liquid. It has caught the attention of health-conscious people because of its excellent health benefits.

What Does “Cold-Pressed” Mean?

A hydraulic press exerting tremendous pressure is used to squeeze the maximum amount of juice from your favorite raw fruits and vegetables, creating cold-pressed juice. High pressure processing preserves more of the fruit and veggies that are usually lost during the traditional juicing process. This results in a healthier, fuller glass of juice for your juice cleanse.

The cold pressing process is labor intensive, so you get every bit of the delicious juice. Think of a giant flat board pressing each fruit individually instead of a spinning blade cutting thousands of fruits at once.

The Benefits of Cold-Pressed Juice

When you cold-press your juice, it retains more of the vitamins, enzymes, minerals, and antioxidants than regular juice. This makes it a healthier alternative to traditional juicing. Cold-pressed juice is never exposed to heat during its juicing process, which is important for producing more fruit per serving. You can get the nutrients you need, boost your energy levels, and improve your immune system with each bottle of cold-pressed juice.

Cold pressed juices can be high in calories because of how dense and concentrated the juice is. One bottle is usually two servings. However, they are much better for your health when you compare them to regular juices at the supermarket.

Another benefit of cold-pressed juice is that all the ingredients are 100% natural and organic. There are no added sugar or preservatives since the fruit goes straight from the fruit to the bottle. More health benefits are in every bottle because none of the vitamins and minerals are lost in the process.

Cold-Pressed Juice Is the Drink of Choice at 3Natives

Some juices are made using unnatural preservatives and unpronounceable ingredient names that are surely not good for your overall health. 3Natives makes sure that all our cold-pressed juices are organic and made using only the freshest ingredients. We only use whole foods such as raw fruits and vegetables.

Check out the benefits of cold-pressed juices for yourself and visit your local Florida 3Natives today!