Are Smoothies Healthy? It All Depends on the Ingredients


Are Smoothies Healthy?

Many people enjoy smoothies as a special frozen treat, a flavorful start to the day, or even a pre-workout supplement containing lots of protein. One of the most incredible things about smoothies is that you can prepare them in various ways to suit several tastes and purposes. However, not all smoothies are created equal.

If you are looking for a healthy smoothie, the first thing you should consider is the ingredients that it contains. Smoothies can be healthy if prepared correctly with fresh ingredients and no added sugars.

At 3Natives, we ensure that all our smoothies use the freshest produce with no additives. We are proud to make the best raw juices and smoothies throughout our locations in Florida and Oklahoma.

But not everyone is as committed to creating healthy smoothies as we are. In this article, the health food experts at 3Natives break down the difference between healthy and unhealthy smoothies.

What Sort of Smoothies Are Unhealthy?

When you decide to drink a smoothie during the day, it is widely believed that you are making a healthy choice. It seems like a healthy choice whether you supplement your fruit and vegetable intake with a balanced diet or drink smoothies as a meal replacement. However, finding a healthy smoothie can be more complicated than you think. Many smoothie recipes can do you more harm than good.

Store Bought or Pre-Prepared Smoothies

Many store-bought smoothies and smoothie chains add excessive sugar content and other harmful additives. These added sugars may make your smoothie taste better, but they become worse for you.

Smoothies that are incredibly high in sugar do not have excellent health benefits and ultimately defeat the purpose of making the smoothie with fruits and veggies in the first place. These sorts of smoothies can cause your blood sugar levels to spike, leading to a craving for even more sugar throughout the day.

If you drink one of these unhealthy smoothies for breakfast, it can potentially create a vicious cycle where one unhealthy decision leads to a bunch of other unhealthy food decisions.

Smoothies Without Fresh Fruit or Vegetables

Some smoothie companies use fruit primarily imported and not fresh from local vendors. While these smoothies may still have some health benefits, the longer fruit has had to travel to make it into your smoothie, the higher the chance it contains artificial preservatives or was frozen. When you blend vegetables and fruit into a smoothie, you break down the cell walls of the plants and release natural sugars into free-floating sugars. The more processed the produce goes into a smoothie, the worse this will be.

Frozen fruit comes with complications and reasons why it isn’t as healthy. To learn more, look at our guide to frozen versus fresh vegetables.

How to Make a Healthy Smoothie

At 3Natives, we know how to make a healthy smoothie that tastes great! If you are making a smoothie at home, here’s how to do it:

  •  Fruit is a delicious addition to a healthy, antioxidant-rich smoothie. Limiting servings of fruit in your smoothie to one cup is recommended. Fruits can be filled with carbs and calories and spike your blood sugar levels.
  • Natural sweeteners like agave or honey and other additions like nut butters, Greek yogurt, and protein powder can add a great dose of fiber, protein, and sugars to your diet. Watch how much you put in the smoothie if you are trying to lose weight—the calories can add up quickly!
  • Green smoothies have grown in popularity recently because of their health benefits. Add an avocado or leafy green to your smoothie to boost your immunity and vitamin B intake.

If you are not in the mood or don’t have the time to make your own, come into 3Natives for a delicious, healthy smoothie or freshly pressed fruit juice. Here, you know you are getting the real thing.

3Natives Only Uses Healthy Smoothie Ingredients

At 3Natives, we only use fresh local produce that is prepared daily. We source our smoothie ingredients and products responsibly and locally to ensure you get the best smoothie that Florida can make. We only use whole, fresh fruit sourced from local vendors.

Any smoothie you order at 3Natives will only contain 100% fruit, vegetables, and greens with nothing added.

Get a Healthy Smoothie from 3Natives

Come into a 3Natives location today and see why our healthy smoothies are the best around town. Give us a call today, or take a look at our menu!