What Fruits Are in Season in Winter?


What Fruits Are in Season in Winter?

Winter is almost here – along with the holiday season, get-togethers with friends and family, and much celebrating! However, Winter can also be a difficult time for fruit lovers.

Colder weather means fruit trees in many places stop producing. So, if you’re in the mood for some healthy, preservative-free, never-frozen snacks, you may be in for a challenge.

However, while some better-known fruit varieties like watermelons, pineapples, and strawberries may be on their way out, many other fun fruits peak in Winter. Many of these fruits are grown here in Florida, meaning you can enjoy fresh fruit year-round!

Read our helpful guide to learn which fruits you can find fresh during Winter, and don’t forget to stop into your nearest 3Natives to try them out!

Winter Fruits

You may be surprised to learn a lengthy list of fruits that thrive in Winter. Most of them are grown in the southern United States, where the climate stays warm during Winter.


This one’s a gimme for Floridians. These succulent citrus fruits are a staple that many can find all year. But you may not know that they begin their peak season in November. From then till May, harvested oranges are sweeter than at any other time.

And, of course, they can be found here in the state that loves them so much that we put them on our license plates. We tend to grow Navel, Valencia, and, to a lesser extent, Hamlin oranges here in the Sunshine State. But other oranges from around the world, such as Mandarin oranges and Blood oranges, are also in season during Winter.

3Natives uses freshly squeezed oranges in The Beet, one of our delicious signature juices.


Continuing our Winter Wonderland fruit tour, our next stop is the strange, sweet, tangy green fruit known for its unassuming exterior. Kiwis reach their peak season from October through May, meaning they are available all Winter long.

Like many citrus family members, Kiwis contain high amounts of Vitamin C. However, kiwis are not a citrus fruit.

While kiwis can be grown in Florida, and some places do grow them down here, most Kiwis come from California, which has a better climate suited for kiwi cultivation.

Feeling like taking these Winter fruits for a taste test? 3Natives uses fresh kiwis daily to prepare our scrumptious Chronic and V. O. T. Acai Bowls and our popular Going Green Smoothie.


Lemons are an all-purpose fruit. Their sweet and sour combination makes them an ideal addition to numerous flavor palates, from Old Fashioneds to blackened flounder, a local favorite. They’re so popular that they’re the central ingredient of an American classic: Lemonade.

Like oranges, Florida grows lemons. Lemons require much warmer weather, which is why they are best suited to the climate of Central and South Florida. However, the more cold-resistant Meyer Lemon can be grown anywhere!

Lemons reach their peak season in December, making them one of the few fruits at their best during the dead of Winter.

You can enjoy fresh lemons in several juices and wellness shots on the 3Natives Menu.


Pomegranates are superfoods that have been finding themselves in many different foods lately. And why not? This sweet yet tart fruit contains nutrients and antioxidants to keep you healthy and strong.

But you’ll need to be quick to enjoy this exotic Winter delight. They’re usually only in season from September to November, meaning you have just a short time to grab them fresh. It may be a bit easier to get your hands on them if you’re local because they’re grown and harvested in North Florida!


This entry on our list is another Florida staple. While the fruit is not native to Florida, its climate is perfect for these delectable Winter fruits. Our grapefruit is grown mainly along the state’s east coast in the Indian River region.

Grapefruits have a perfectly balanced sweet and tart taste and are a healthy snack or side dish. Grapefruits are also available year-round, but their peak season starts in January, making them a great Winter find.


These tiny citrus fruits grow on trees and form from distinct white blooming flowers. While these tangy bites aren’t as popular as other available fruits, they are the only edible Winter fruit on this list without the need for  preparation, so you can eat them as is, skin and all. Like many citrus fruits, kumquats grow throughout Florida. Pasco County is the leading producer of kumquats in the state.

Why Should You Prefer Fresh Fruits?

The whole purpose of this guide is to help you find fresh fruits that are in season during the Winter months. But why is it better to have fresh fruit? Similar to the difference between frozen and fresh vegetables, some nutrients are lost during the freezing process.

Because fruits don’t often undergo blanching as vegetables do, added sugars and preservatives may be thrown into the mix to help give the fruit a longer shelf life. All of these factors can impact the nutritional quality of the fruit.

When given the option between frozen fruit and fresh fruit, it’s generally better to go for the fresh option.

3Natives Only Uses the Freshest Fruits

At 3Natives, we prepare our menu items daily using the freshest healthy fruits and vegetables. You’ll receive tasty, healthy food when visiting any of our store locations throughout Florida or Oklahoma.

Try one of our coveted acai bowls or treat yourself to a hot pressed wrap or sandwich to keep you toasty during the long Winter months.

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