Easy Summer Party Foods


Easy Summer Party Foods for Your Next Celebration

It’s finally summertime which means an endless array of fun is waiting at your doorstep. From pool parties to beach trips to dinner parties, summer is the season of sunshine and celebration. Whatever your summer gathering entails, it’s best not to show up empty-handed. If you’re looking for summer party food ideas, we’ve got you covered.

3Natives offers a variety of fresh, all-natural foods that will keep your summer party going from sunrise to sunset. Check out our list below of the perfect 3Natives dish to pair with your favorite sunny celebration.

Acai Bowls on the Beach

Heading to the beach this summer? There’s nothing worse than camping out for the day on the sand and realizing you are snack-less. To keep you going, whether that’s on the volleyball courts or boogie boarding, we recommend our acai bowls. Acai berries are one of the best natural foods you can eat for sustained energy.

We have a variety of unique acai bowls perfect for taking on your next beach trip. You can also build your own custom acai bowl with all your summertime favorites. Our acai bowls combine delicious ingredients like nut butters, fruits, hemp seeds, coconut shavings, honey, and Greek yogurt. They create a beneficial tasty treat that gives you the energy you need for a full day in the sun.

Fresh Juice by the Pool

Longer days in the summer mean more time at the pool! The pool can be an oasis from the Florida heat. Cool off even more by bringing along fresh juices from 3Natives.

We cold-press our juices to retain more of the vitamins and minerals in the juicing process. Impress your friends at your next pool party by bringing our Black Lemonade, a refreshing twist on the summertime classic. This special drink includes activated charcoal, which is packed with nutritional benefits that help reduce stomach discomfort and improve kidney health.

Smoothies on the Boardwalk

What better time to enjoy the boardwalk than during the summer? Perfect for casual exercise paired with stunning views, a trip to the boardwalk is an ideal summer activity. Stop by 3Natives before your next boardwalk stroll for our summer smoothies, the perfect treat to keep you cool in high temperatures.

Our Pink Dragon smoothie features dragon fruit, giving it a bright pink color perfect for snapping pics on the boardwalk. You could also try The Sunrise which features pineapple and mango, making it a great substitute for your summer cocktail. We source our smoothie ingredients and products responsibly and locally, and we only use whole, fresh fruit that is sourced from local vendors.

Healthy Salads for the Picnic

Looking for something a little more leisurely to do this summer? A picnic is the perfect option to get outside, enjoy the weather and just relax. Make your summer picnic even easier with a trip to 3Natives beforehand.

Our variety of healthy salad options will make planning your summer picnic quick and easy. Made with delectable greens, fresh veggies, and filling proteins, our salads will be the star dish of your picnic. With a variety of salad choices to choose from, you can find healthy, delicious options to make everyone happy. Plus, our cutlery is eco-friendly, making your picnic both a fun and eco-friendly option.

Wraps for the Party

Summer would be incomplete without a big celebration! From Fourth of July to Labor Day, there are endless reasons to get family and friends together this summer. In addition to our other menu items, 3Natives also offers a variety of affordable and nutritional wraps for your next event.

Feeding a large group of people can be tricky, but our catering option makes it easy. Choose from a variety of our delicious and healthy wraps to create the perfect platter for your guests.

Our wraps are made with fresh greens and veggies, tasty dressings and sauces, savory cheeses, and high-quality meats. You won’t even need hot dogs at your next barbeque! Our wraps are an instant hit, and the best way to keep your summer party going.

Summer Party Foods at 3Natives

Ready to enjoy the summer? Whether you’re headed to the beach, pool, or boardwalk, we have budget-friendly, healthy food options to keep you energized for a full day of summer fun.

Check out our menu of delicious summer foods and visit your local 3Natives to get the party started!