Healthy Summer Meal Ideas


Fast & Easy Healthy Summer Meals at 3Natives

With longer days, abundant celebrations, and warmer weather, summer is in full swing! The summer season’s warm weather is also the perfect time to take care of your body. With the abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables that are available, summer makes it easy to incorporate more healthy eating into your lifestyle.

Healthy summer meals don’t have to be boring or a pain to prepare. At 3Natives, we have a wide variety of quick and easy healthy summer meal options that are ready in under 20 minutes. We only use the freshest and best seasonal ingredients!

Spice Up Your Summer BBQ with Easy Summer Party Foods

Why not try something new at your next barbeque? Stop by 3Natives for affordable and healthy wraps for your next summer dinner.

Swapping your burgers for our wraps will save you time and provide you with helpful nutritional benefits. Reducing the amount of red meat in your diet reduces your cardiovascular disease and cancer risk. You can reduce these risks more by substituting your red meat intake with protein sources like fish, poultry, black beans, or whole grains. Our proteins at 3Natives are made from scratch daily, all of which contain no preservatives or added sugar.

We promise you won’t disappoint your guests with this healthy swap. Our wraps aren’t just healthy—they’re filled with tons of flavor. Instead of grilled chicken, our Tex Mex wrap features our 100% All-Natural Chicken cooked using the sous vide method. This method uses heated water to gently cook food so that it stays juicy and flavorful.

Our wraps also feature some wonderful summer vegetables and produce like carrots, red pepper, pico de gallo, and even corn salsa.

Our catering option makes it even easier to bring a healthy summer meal to your barbeque. Choose from a variety of our delicious and healthy wraps like the Tex Mex to create the perfect summer meal for your guests in under 30 minutes.

Enjoy Local Summer Produce with Our Fresh Summer Salads

The farmer’s market isn’t the only option for getting your share of fresh, local produce all summer long. At 3Natives, many of the foods we use are grown right here in the state of Florida. This includes all of our produce, vegan proteins, and even our coffee beans. It’s easy to eat healthy in the summer when locally grown foods are as abundant as they are this time of year.

When food is in season, it’s better for you. Most food storage practices cause the product to lose some of its nutritional value and even some of its taste. At 3Natives, our produce is always fresh and never frozen, ensuring its nutritional value and taste. Eating locally also greatly benefits the community, so we buy all our products daily using local vendors.

Our variety of healthy salad options is a great way to enjoy local, fresh summer produce while also supporting your community. Many summer season foods are featured in our salads like bell peppers, cherry tomatoes, carrots, corn, red onion, cucumber, and more! For maximum veggies, try choosing a summer salad and a lettuce wrap.

Pair your summer salad with your favorite items from the farmer’s market to fully celebrate the season. Try a side dish of fresh mozzarella drizzled in olive oil to make your healthy summer meal stand out even more. Our summer salads are also a great start to your healthy summer meal. If you’re making fish tacos or another dish for a summer party, start with a 3Natives salad to share.

Be sure to include 3Natives in your next local food haul to enjoy the community’s best produce.

Turn Our Fresh Pressed Juice & Shots into Healthy Treats Everyone Will Enjoy

A healthy summer recipe doesn’t have to mean skipping out on dessert. With so many fresh fruits in season, it’s easy to use fruit as the star of your dessert dish. At 3Natives, we have a variety of 100% natural and organic cold-pressed juices and shots to choose from. There are no added sugars or preservatives since the fruit goes straight from the press to the bottle.

Nothing says “Summertime” like an ice-cold beverage. Try out some fun summer juice recipes using our 3Native juices and shots at your next get-together. Our Black Lemonade is a refreshing take on the drink of the summer. With activated charcoal, this drink not only looks cool but also comes with nutritional benefits that help reduce stomach discomfort.

You can make delicious frozen fruit treats with our juice shots. Pour our Twisted Ginger shot into an ice cube tray to make Twisted Ginger ice cubes to put in your summer drinks. These ginger-infused cubes will give any beverage a sweet and spicy kick. Plus, they get even better as the ice continues to melt.

Plus, ginger is known to help with nausea and indigestion, making this treat perfect after a large healthy summer meal. You could add these to plain sparkling water with lime juice, but it works well in all kinds of cold drinks.

Healthy Summer Meals at 3Natives

Making your summer meals healthy couldn’t be any easier with 3Natives. Check out our menu of delicious summer foods and visit your local 3Natives.